Monday, August 4, 2014

New Nazca Lines Geoglyphs Discovered By Eduardo Herrán Gómez de la Torre

In a report headlined 'New Nazca Lines geoglyphs uncovered by gales and sandstorms in Peru', The Independent is reporting that Eduardo Herrán Gómez de la Torre, a pilot and director of research at Ojos de Condor, discovered some new Nazca Lines and geoglyph while flying over the desert in late July 2014. The original report appeared in  El Comercio. de la Torre believes that one of the newly discovered geoglyphs, found not far from the famous “hummingbird” biomorph geoglyph, depicts a 60 metre long snake. The Independent reports that archaeologists are attempting to determine if these recently uncovered geoglyphs were created by the earlier Paracas culture, which predated, and influenced, the Nazca culture in the Ica region of southern Peru from 800BC to 100BC.

The photo provided in this Tweet by Anselm Pi Rambla certainly suggests that these newly discovered geoglyphs are cruder, and thus possibly earlier, than Nazca culture geoglyphs. They have the look of other Paracas style geoglyphs that have been discovered in the last decade or so.

The director of the regional archaeological authority, the Regional Directorate of Culture of Ica, Ruben Garcia Sota, told El Comercio that this recent discovery of new geoglyphs is “a valuable contribution to our knowledge of ancient Nazca”.

My theory that the Nazca Lines and biomorph geoglyphs were an ancient religious response to total solar eclipses that occurred over southern Peru may be read in this old website that preserves much of the content of my original website that went down in 2006. A more recent and updated version with new eclipse maps from NASA may be read in this earlier blog post.

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