Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Nazca Lines and "The Eye In Sky" How Total Solar Eclipses Inspired The Nazca Lines and Geoglyphs

Apparently someone liked my eclipsology "web sight" titled 'The Nazca Lines and "The Eye In Sky"' and sub-titled 'How Total Solar Eclipses Inspired The Nacza Lines and Geoglyphs' enough to reproduce it verbatim on their own website. I guess that I should be grateful to them for hosting my Nazca Lines theory for several years for free and in a way I am. At least the information was more accessible than what is more or less hidden away in the Internet Archive and they did not outright plagiarize me without giving the slightest credit where credit is due as some people have. . .

There is not much point in reproducing the original text that has been preserved but I will post some screen shots of the more pertinent images from that archive of my Nazca Lines theory website below -


  1. Don't the assyrians pre-date the nazka?

  2. Indeed the Assyrian Empire pre-dates the Nazca culture by a few hundred years at minimum, up to a millennia or two. . . The Assyrian Empire began about 2400 BC and ended in 605 BC whereas the Nazca culture is believed to have begun around 200 BC. I am just showing how the Assyrian winged sun symbols, which were almost certainly inspired by total solar eclipses, are almost identical to one of the Nazca biomorph geoglyphs which I have very good reason to believe represents an anthropomorphized image of a Nazca sun god that was inspired by observations of the sun's corona during total solar eclipses.


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